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  • Something Blue

    Hairy Larry's Something Blue radio show airs on KASU Saturday nights at 10:00 CST. 91.9 FM or

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    2482 days ago

  • Hairy Larry

    Some pics of me doing music and music production.

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    2481 days ago

  • Trilogy For The Arts - April 24, 2015

    The Trilogy For The Arts, a multi arts recital held at ASU on April 24, 2015.

    Tags: jazz, spoken word, folklore, poetry, metal sculpture, ASU, Arkansas, Jonesboro, Trevor Scudder, Hairy Larry

    1750 days ago

  • Trilogy For The Arts

    Photos I took at the Trilogy For The Arts, the brain child of Larry Heyl aka Hairy Larry. The event was held on May 24, 2015 at Arkansas State University. Music, dance, poetry and art all combined to make a wonderful interlude until Mother Nature closed the show with a cold shower. See more phot...

    Tags: Trilogy For The Arts, ASU, music, jazz, Vivian Heyl, Hairy Larry, Trevor Scudder, Jonesboro, Arkansas, art, sculpture

    1748 days ago

  • HairyLarryLand

    This is my indie label. Click over for lots of great music played by my bands and my friends.

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    2481 days ago

  • Tivo For Streaming Radio

    There are a lot of streaming radio stations on the internet with great shows. My problem is they don’t always play when I want to listen to them. NPR affiliate, KASU, airs the Midnight Special at midnight early Saturday morning when I’m asleep. I’d still like to listen to the sh...

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    2480 days ago

  • Related To Geeks - Hairy Larry - Tivo For Internet Radio

    The vlog.

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    2480 days ago

  • Two Geeks

    Conley and I tell a joke.

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    2480 days ago

  • Tivo For Streaming Radio

    How to record streaming radio on a schedule.

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    2478 days ago

  • Suzanne, Jay, and Larry

    Suzanne Michell traveled in from Little Rock to sing with NJHB at my recital.

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    1753 days ago