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  • UbuntuHandbook | Tag Archive | Google Drive client for Ubuntu

    An Ubuntu sync client for google drive.

    Tags: google drive, sync, cloud storage, Linux, Ubuntu

    2446 days ago

  • Absolute Linux On Vintage Hardware

    I demonstrate and install of Absolute 14.11 on an old PC with 256 meg ram, 1.6 ghz Pentium and a mid nineties trident video card.

    Tags: Absolute Linux, Linux, XP, computers

    1923 days ago

  • Photo Booth

    Megan and I set up an Ubuntu Linux system with a webcam to act like a photo booth. It takes four pictures and prints them every time you hit the space bar.

    Tags: hack, neat hack, photo booth, photobooth, Megan, Hairy Larry, Linux

    1902 days ago

  • Broll test of OpenShot

    Ok, I put Xubuntu 12.04 on Megan’s tower. We’re all leaving windows in the dust. I shot some B roll footage in the yard so I could test her system with 1080p video.Added vlc, lame, and gedit. My preferences.I installed Openshot and then I had to update the codecs so I could use mp3 an...

    Tags: OpenShot, video, video editing, linux, gimp, vlc, lame

    1902 days ago