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  • Wintersmith

    Based on the novel by Terry Pratchett "Wintersmith" is played by Hairy Larry and George and sung by Pam Cox. Special thanks to all the photographers for uploading their work to and to Eren Pader for the great brokedoll machinima animation. Also thanks to Koni Lanzius for helpin...

    Tags: Wintersmith, Terry Pratchett, fantasy, Hairy Larry, Pam Cox, music, acoustic, Eren Padar

    2444 days ago

  • Aggie Road by Hairy Larry and George

    My literary CD includes the song "Wintersmith" featured in my new video.

    Tags: music, acoustic, Hairy Larry and George, Pam Cox

    2444 days ago

  • Concede Your Defeat

    Striding The Blast sang this original song at Blues Fest on September 15, 2013 at the Craighead Forest Bandshell in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The song was written by James Carvell and Joey Hankins who are Striding The Blast.I shot the video using my Canon Elph 320 HS and recorded the audio with my Zoo...

    Tags: music, Striding The Blast, Blues Fest, Hairy Larry, acoustic

    2429 days ago

  • Audio of Larry's Senior Recital

    I uploaded the whole show to the Live Music Archive with Hairy Larry and George, Brian Henkemann, and NJHB.

    Tags: music, jazz, Hairy Larry, NJHB, acoustic, piano, Brian Henkelmann

    2384 days ago

  • Younger Hearts

    Sky City played this original song written and sung by Nathan Crouch at Blues Fest on September 22, 2013.

    Tags: music, acoustic, Sky City, Blues Fest, guitar, violin, Craighead Forest, Bandshell

    2335 days ago