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  • Related To Geeks - Eragon and the Inheritance Cycle

    Hairy Larry talks about Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle.

    Tags: Related To Geeks, Christopher Paolini, Eragon, Inheritance Cycle, Fantasy, literature, reading, books, Hairy Larry

    1921 days ago

  • Hairy Larry Reviews His Dark Materials

    A spoiler free review of the Golden Compass trilogy from a Science Fiction geek’s perspective.

    Tags: Hairy Larry, SF, Science Fiction, Fantasy, The Golden Compass, His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman, literature, relatedtogeeks

    1757 days ago

  • Kier drew this in 2000

    I used it for the title screen on my video about Eragon.

    Tags: Kier, artwork, fantasy

    1224 days ago

  • Trollhead by ~MalinMellryd on deviantART

    Fantasy sculpture. Miniatures.

    Tags: fantasy, sculpture, miniatures

    1918 days ago

  • Wintersmith

    Based on the novel by Terry Pratchett "Wintersmith" is played by Hairy Larry and George and sung by Pam Cox. Special thanks to all the photographers for uploading their work to and to Eren Pader for the great brokedoll machinima animation. Also thanks to Koni Lanzius for helpin...

    Tags: Wintersmith, Terry Pratchett, fantasy, Hairy Larry, Pam Cox, music, acoustic, Eren Padar

    1916 days ago

  • 10th Kingdom

    Fantasy mini series.

    Tags: 10th Kingdom, fantasy, fairytale, movie, mini series, tv

    1227 days ago

  • Appendix N Survey Complete - What Gygax read

    With this piece on Tolkien going up, I’ve done forty-three posts on Appendix N now. I read every book Gygax mentioned by name, at least the first book of each series, and I picked out one representative work for each of the entries that consisted of an author’s name alone. I also wrot...

    Tags: science fiction, fantasy, geek, literature, sf, Gygax, Dungeons and Dragons

    1159 days ago