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  • Hacker News

    Get your fix of geeky computer info.

    Tags: computer, geek, hacker, news, programming

    1747 days ago

  • Oh Nerdy Tree

    Oh nerdy tree oh geeky tree. A tour of Megans Christmas ornaments set to song.

    Tags: Christmas tree, nerd, geek, Megan, song

    2335 days ago

  • Related To Geeks podcast episode 001

    The first Related To Geeks podcast. Related To Geeks PodcastEpisode OneAugust 6, 2015Growing Up Geekwith Megan, Kier, Sarah, and LarryLinks:Related To Geeks websitehttp://relatedtogeeks.comRelated To Geeks YouTube channel freeculture subversehttp://voat....

    Tags: related to geeks, podcast, geek, geeks, computers, games, tv

    1755 days ago

  • Appendix N Survey Complete - What Gygax read

    With this piece on Tolkien going up, I’ve done forty-three posts on Appendix N now. I read every book Gygax mentioned by name, at least the first book of each series, and I picked out one representative work for each of the entries that consisted of an author’s name alone. I also wrot...

    Tags: science fiction, fantasy, geek, literature, sf, Gygax, Dungeons and Dragons

    1687 days ago